The adult industry. How much money is there?

Sex sells. Adult web design is bigger than ever. Nothing proves this point more obviously than the huge adult industry that exists worldwide. 12% of the internet is said to be adult in nature. With movies, shows, toys and much more, this industry is not an insignificant one. Recent estimates put a worldwide figure of $3-4 billion. Let’s take a deeper look into the finances of this huge global industry.

Who gets paid what?

Just like Hollywood, the stars are the biggest draw for many of the movies. Not only are they paid for scenes that they do, but they are also used to sell merchandise, and promote products. There are also all the makeup, director and behind the scenes salaries to pay.

Female Performers

Women are paid more than men, since, in the industry, they are far more highly sought after. The standard rate can vary hugely, it depends on the status of the star and what acts they are willing to perform. The rate can be from $300 to $1500.

Men Performers

For men, the rate is generally a flat rate. This also depends on the status of the performer, if can hover around $500 or more for a scene.

Director and crew

The director on average will take home the most money. This can be around $2500 per day, and a shoot can last around 2-8 days. The crews are paid roughly the same, or a little more than regular Hollywood crews.

Where does the money come from?

The adult industry is varied in it’s income streams. While people are now paying less for the content, large sites will make money through advertising, and then pay the production companies for the content. The industry as also added other revenue generators, such as toys, in person shows and subscription based services.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the industry is worth billions, and, despite some difficulties with the modern internet era, demand is higher than ever, which means the revenues in this industry are very healthy.

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