How Advertisers design adult advertisements?

It is a fact known to one and all that the porn websites derive a major chunk of their income from various adult adverts people see while browsing them. Almost 30% of the total internet users watch porn, and this makes sense why adult advertisers earn a large sum of money. The rule is simple, make attractive ads which can tempt the viewers to click on them but how are interesting adverts designed?

Let’s get an insight into the complete process of designing an adult advert.

Market Research and Target Audience

Although internet pornographers are one of the most fantastic salespeople in both physical and virtual world, there is still the need to put a lot of hard work in designing the ads. The pornographers have to do a lot of market research and learn key things about their target audience. Once they know about likes, dislikes and various other things the input is sent to the designing team which then carefully designs the adverts keeping in mind the data collected from research.

Designing the advert

When it comes to an advert its appearance or the design plays most important role in attracting the people’s attention. The designing stage of an advert goes through a lot of things like the physiology of the viewers and the age group of the audience that it targets. Adult adverts are designed keeping in mind certain things like the male viewers are interesting in seeing the body parts while women, on the other hand, prefer sensual kind of adverts. Other details like which image will appeal to the viewer more are given great emphasis. The designing is done very carefully so that it can tempt almost 75% of viewers to click it.

Placing the Adverts

After the designing is done and the adverts are ready to be monetized, various Ad marketplaces are chosen, and the ads are submitted with an attractive price on it which can allure more and more publishers. However, nowadays many adult companies prefer to get their advert placed directly on the publisher’s website.

Undoubtedly adult content sells more and it attracts more eyes than any other kind of advertisement. It does not only provide an excellent moneymaking opportunity, but it is also a good way to market a product that has not yet gained any popularity.